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Who Can Participate?

Animal welfare organizations can participate in the PILOT program as either a sending or receiving organization:

Sending Organization- MA animal welfare organizations that have a dog in need of placement.  These dogs may need placement because of space limitations, age, or medical or behavioral issues that the organization may not have the resources to address.  Sending organizations post available dogs on the PILOT database.  To qualify as a sending organization, an organization must be approved by PILOT and be an animal control agency, or shelter that holds an animal control contract.  As PILOT continues to grow, the goal is to include additional types of animal welfare groups as sending organizations. 
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Receiving Organization- MA animal welfare organizations that have the means (such as a high demand in their region for a particular breed of dog, veterinary care resources, behavior staff, adoption facilities, or foster homes) to place adoptable dogs that other organizations may not be able to place.  Dogs are transported from the sending organizations to receiving organizations via the PILOT program and volunteers. To qualify as a receiving organization, the organization must be a Massachusetts animal welfare agency that is either a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization listed on the MA Department of Agriculture “Approved Shelter and Rescue Organizations” list, or is operating under the umbrella of a city or town, and have been approved by the PILOT program.  PILOT is not currently working with individuals.
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What Else Is Required?

Each sending and receiving organization will be asked to designate an organizational representative that will work with the PILOT program.

Once approved, sending and receiving organizations will be required to sign a “PILOT Program Agreement” and will be required to abide by the PILOT sending or receiving organization handbook.   

How to Join PILOT